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Our Story

October 25, 1996, Semra and Richard met in a bookstore in Southern California

It happened in the yoga and meditation books section, and it launched them on a path together that evolved into a deeply felt intention: to gain the knowledge and experience necessary for creating a wellness center.  Coincidence and synchronicity guided them to Southern New Jersey, and while there, to their training as hypnotherapists.  Then they set off to Istanbul, Turkey, where they realized their intention by opening their center, Inner Balance – The Center for Healthy Living.

"What goes around, comes around."

After fourteen and a half years of conducting hypnotherapy sessions for clients coming from all over Turkey, Europe, and the United States, Semra and Richard have moved back to the United States to be of service through their new business, Inner Balance Hypnotherapy, LLC.

While in Istanbul they never had a website.  They were able to rely on word of mouth alone based on the unique relationship of trust it instilled between therapist and client.  Under the present circumstances, having built a clientele from both near and far, they feel an obligation to create a way for those clients to reconnect with them.

They Bring 19 years of experience to Old Town Alexandria, VA

Helping people discover the power of their own unconscious mind to achieve remarkable changes in their lives. To give one example:  over the years hundreds of clients who didn’t think they could stop smoking came to Inner Balance and achieved freedom from the addiction and habit in usually just two sessions.  Similarly, clients attained release from unwanted anxiety, stress, phobias, lack of confidence, insomnia, concentration issues, nail-biting, excessive weight, and many other behavioral issues, all preventive measures to enjoy a balanced and healthy life.

Semra & Richard


After twelve years of learning, practice, and teaching in the United States, I realized my intention to move back to my home country Turkey, where I co-founded Inner Balance – the Center for Healthy Living in Istanbul, and operated it from 2003 until 2017.

At Inner Balance a variety of methods were available to help clients discover the joys of a life in balance, including the disciplines of yoga and meditation and the processes of reiki and reflexology as well as hypnotherapy.

To my classes at Inner Balance I brought my experience teaching yoga at the National Multiple Sclerosis Society of Orange County in Irvine, CA,  E-RYT 500 Hour Certification, C-IAYT membership, mentoring for the Himalayan Yoga Tradition Yoga Teacher Program of the Swami Rama Ashram and associated with Vanamali Ashram in Rishikesh, India, and former membership in the Yoga Research Society affiliated with Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia.

Additionally, I hold a Doctorate in Clinical Hypnotherapy, a Masters of Science in Wholistic Health Science/Nutrition, a Diploma in The Science and Art of Herbology, board certification for reflexology by the American Reflexology Certification Board and for the Virtua Health Care System of New Jersey, and I am a certified Reiki Master and Instructor.  I have also completed certification for the Tai Chi for Arthritis Teachers Course of Dr. Paul Lam.

Offering an integrated approach to healthy living has made it possible for many of the people who came to hypnotherapy, perhaps to stop smoking, to find a variety of new resources for preventive approaches to health and stress reduction that have bought them to new levels of emotional and physical well-being.


I left a Regional Sales Managers position in 2002 to move to Istanbul, Turkey with my wife Semra to found Inner Balance – the Center for Healthy Living.  

For 35 years I had worked with clients with whom I built rapport and trust by providing support on the technical side of the information processing sector.  My primary task was to diagnose and resolve technical difficulties in high stress, mission-critical environments.  My performance led to promotions to management positions, eventually transitioning to a sales management position.  Today, working as a hypnotherapist, I use these same skills to listen to a client, then describe how suggestions to their unconscious mind can help them make changes leading to a state of inner balance.

My path has included running marathons, hiking alone in the mountains, scuba diving, zen meditation, several zazenkais, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, silent retreats in ashrams and monasteries and a steady flow of workshops and seminars.  Throughout my studies and explorations, which continue into the present, I’ve experienced an increasing awareness of the power of the unconscious mind and its accessibility through hypnotherapy to help all those who come to us.

Our Memberships and Associations

National Guild of Hypnotists


International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association 


American Board of Hypnotherapy


International Association Yoga Therapists    C-IAYT


Yoga Alliance E-RYT 500


Himalayan Yoga Traditions


Himalayan Institute


American Reflexology Certification board


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